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Everyone can agree that spending a day at the beach is great! Feeling the warm sand between your toes, hearing the waves crashing on the shore, and smelling the fresh ocean breeze makes for a perfect day for just about everyone. When people are ready to plan a vacation, many people choose to go to a beach destination. Searching for premiere Mexican real estate? Villa La Estancia offers coastal real estate in Riviera Nayarit that offers a dream home for many luxury travelers. Continue to read below if you would like to learn more information about coastal living benefits, and why you should live at the beach in Mexico. 

Living at the Beach is Good for Your Health

Not only is going to the beach a favorite destination for vacations, but the beach is good for your health, too. In Mexico, more ex-pats are buying real estate on the coast so they can reap the health benefits enjoyed by living at the beach. There isn’t a better place to relax along with relieving stress than sitting on Mexico’s sandy beaches. Did you know that living in the ocean can improve your health? It can lower heart disease, lessen obesity, and many other ailments. Are you interested in looking at Mexico’s real estate on the coast? If you are, then you should consider the Villa La Estancia beachfront residences in Cabo San Lucas and in Nuevo Vallarta. Many homeowners at Villa La Estancia are quickly learning that living at the beach is not just living in luxury, but it will improve your health, too. 

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Mexico Coastal Real Estate: Pros and Cons

The mixture of the sounds, sights, and smells of the ocean makes people feel wonderful. General overall health and wellbeing improve by just being close to the ocean. Did you know that in the eighteenth-century doctors actually prescribed patients a visit to the beach so that their ailing health would improve? Studies and research conducted on people who live near or on the beach versus people who live in urban neighborhoods showed that people that live near the beach actually have better health. Do people that live by the beach have better healthcare due to their wealth? That’s not the case as studies and research have shown that communities that are not wealthy also enjoy better health just because they lived by the beach. Reduced stress can occur with simple beach life, and you will be close to fun physical activities such as swimming and surfing. 

Proven Scientifically

Through numerous experiments, scientists have been studying how the ocean can affect people’s health. The University of Exeter’s European Centre for the Environment and Human Health started the “Blue Gym”, a project that shows the effects of various water environments with humans. One of the experiments showed participants pictures of the ocean, green fields, and cities. Next, the participants in the study were asked how much money would they pay to have a hotel room by the ocean, the field, or with a city view. Nearly all of the people indicated that they would pay more money to have a view of the ocean from a hotel room. 

Have you always dreamed of living on the Mexican coast? In Mexico, coastal real estate is very affordable compared to similar properties in other countries. Mexico actually has some of the most stunning beaches worldwide, which would make your coastal real estate investment an excellent choice. Villa La Estancia offers lovely beachfront residences in the exclusive beachfront community of Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit just north of Puerto Vallarta. Their beachfront homes are spacious, and they come with amazing amenities and services, too. Would you like to own coastal Mexican real estate? If you do, then you should contact Villa La Estancia today so you can schedule a tour of the property. You can now see why you should live at the beach. Not only to appreciate the beauty of the sea but to enjoy overall health benefits, too.

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