Where will you find Luxury Beach Real Estate

Mexico is one of the world’s top locations for affordable luxury beach real estate for a number of reasons. Take a look below at what makes Mexico your first choice for luxury beach real estate.

  1. Exchange Rate
  2. The exchange rate in Mexico means that you will get a lot more for you money purchasing in Mexico, which makes it a lot more affordable for property seekers to find a luxury home that is within their price range.

  3. Lower Cost of Building and Materials
  4. On top of the fact that the exchange rate falls consistently in favor of the dollar (both American and Canadian) you will find the cost of luxury beach real estate generally lower, particularly compared to real estate prices north of the border.

  5. Guaranteed Sunshine Year Round
  6. Mexico’s sunny climate on the coastal areas means that there is much to choose from in the way of location. Mexico’s beaches line the Pacific Coastline, Baja California, the Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, all offering great opportunities for luxury beach real estate.

  7. Easy to Get to and From
  8. Inviting your friends and family to come and join you while you live the life of luxury in Mexico is easy with the number of direct flights that operate from the United States and Canada heading to the most popular destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

  9. Choice of Luxury Real Estate
  10. You will find that Mexico offers all kinds of luxury beach real estate from lavish mansions, oceanfront villas, condos, hotel residences, apartments and studios, all ranging in style from colonial and traditional Mexican and palafito beach style to modern and artistic.

  11. Warm and charming people
  12. Mexicans are an incredibly warm and charming culture and you will find it easy to make yourself at home. It is also very straightforward to get help around the home or in the garden in Mexico, giving you more time to yourself to make life that much more enjoyable.

  13. Expat Communities
  14. Mexico is a popular choice for buying a luxury home in a foreign country, and as such, if you choose one of the main beach destinations, you won’t find it hard to get involved with the local expat communities who run all kinds of events from writers’ groups and salsa lessons to golfing clubs and fishing tournaments.

Mexico should be your top choice for luxury beach real estate!

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