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It’s unfortunate when the rain comes and you’re in Puerto Vallarta having the vacation of your life especially as the city is renowned for 300 days of sunshine each year. Don’t pack your bags in disappointment, there are many fun things to do to still make it worthwhile. Puerto Vallarta, being a top vacation destination offers unmistakable beauty and little pleasurable things to make it all up.

Here are some ways to keep your vacation going in spite of the summer rains.

Have some fun times at Los Mangos Library

You can play chess, read books and take some dance lessons in this public library called Biblioteca Los Mangos. It’s a favorite community hangout where you can learn Mexico’s rich culture and traditions. It’s open Monday to Friday from 1- 9 pm and every Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. You can just walk going here and it’s located at Av. Francisco Villa 1001 in Colonia Versalles.

Visit Vallarta Naval Museum

Since 2006, Puerto Vallarta’s Navy Museum and Naval Historical Center have been on a mission preserving Mexico’s rich culture. You can be a witness to this by visiting it Tuesday to Sunday starting 10 am to 5 pm. You can also have the chance to see the beautiful and sentimental art collections done by the most famous artists. These art, naval and maritime exhibits are a feast to the eyes of visitors who want to discover Mexico. It’s located near the Los Arcos Amphitheater at the Malecon.

A Day at the Spa

You should not frown too much because of the pesky rain, it would hurt your beauty. Forget that thought of having a great time under the sun, instead focus on things that will benefit your overall feeling and looks. Visit a spa and have a relaxing massage. Puerto Vallarta’s spas offer state of the art massaging techniques that can give your body that needed miracle touch. It can energize you and make you feel good for the next day’s adventures. Have some beauty care treatment too, like a soothing facial; it can take those wrinkles away. Rainy days mean time for giving yourself that needed kick and enhancement.

Precious moments with family and friends

If you’re vacationing with your kids, you can spend quality time with them in the confines of your hotel room. Play some board games or impress them with your card tricks. You can even watch cartoons together and laugh out loud like there’s no tomorrow. Now’s the time to ask them candidly about their campus crushes. These sweet moments of bonding can get you closer with them and you’re going to thank the rains for making it all possible.

You can also get out of your hotel and spend some time with your kids playing arcade games. If you are with your partner, be romantic over a good cup of coffee in a downtown café. If you don’t feel like going out, then just read a thrilling novel written by your favorite author. There are a lot of things you can do and don’t let the rain get the better of you.

Buy some souvenirs at Galerias Vallarta

There’s a famed shopping mall within the hotel zone where you can buy goods and souvenirs. This is the Galerias Vallarta and it’s complete to satisfy your shopping needs. Stores, shops and banks are lined up to fill your necessities. You can find recognized stores that sell branded items that are not available in your own country. Bring enough cash and credit cards, it will be one hell of a shopping spree caused by sudden rains.

If you want some fine dining, you can eat at the famous Sirloin Stockade or Chilis. Have a taste of real Mexican cuisine to take your hunger away. After that delicious meal, you can visit a casino and try your luck at a slot machine. You can be lucky and have some instant money to spend for further holiday fun.

Art aficionados can also have a good time as art exhibits are often done here in Galerias Vallarta. Paintings, sculptures and Photographs by famous artists are on display. The Cinemax theater is where you can watch the latest movies either in Spanish or English.

Lastly, watch the rain falling down softly in one of the beachfront restaurants
When it rains, the temperature goes down. This feeling of relief from the usual hot Puerto Vallarta can mean some drinking and little merrymaking. Visit Playa Los Muertos and find a relaxing spot in one of its beachfront restaurants. Watch the raindrops while having a shot of a pure Mexican tequila.

Don’t let the rain ruin a great vacation. Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer and you just have to discover them towards having a fantastic vacation under one cool, rainy day.

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