About Immigrating to Mexico

Why not immigrate to Mexico and start a new life in this beautiful and vibrant country?

Are you thinking about immigrating to Mexico?

Mexico is a wonderful country with fairly relaxed immigration laws which make it easy to retire here, and manageable to come here to work. In the case of retirement all you have to do is show you have the funds to support yourself, and of course that you have a clean criminal record etc. Immigrating to Mexico to work is a little more complex, but entirely possible for people from most western countries; visas are pretty easy to arrange.

Here’s why you should think about immigrating to Mexico:

Immigrating to Mexico for a New Life

Immigrating to Mexico can offer one thing beyond any doubt; a new beginning. A new culture, a new language, new customs, and of course new locations. The ease of accessibility, too, makes starting a new life here particularly attractive.

Immigrating to a place that is relatively close to home

For those hoping to immigrate to Mexico from the USA and Canada, part of the attraction could well be the fact that they are close enough to home to see their family regularly.

Sociable Lifestyles in Mexico for Expats

In general terms, Mexico is a sociable country which enjoys a fiesta, and this reputation is rightly gained. The people here are friendly and warm, and despite what the media might say the day to day experience of this country is safe and fun. Between the locals and thriving ex-pat communities, you are more likely to enjoy a thriving and varied social life here.

Immigrating to Mexico and working for a living

If you plan to immigrate to Mexico in order to find work there are a number of professions which will favor you as an English speaker. Consider sales, real estate, teaching, and hospitality.

Great food

Foodies will find that they are in heaven here; great food should not be your only concern when moving home, but it should be a factor… And Mexican cuisine is worth consideration. After all, it has been named an intangible heritage and gained protection from UNESCO. Of course your weight loss goal may suffer, but gym memberships here are affordable enough to help you combat the cuisine!

Affordable living when immigrating to Mexico

Last, but never least, the cost of living here is much lower, and so life’s little luxuries are going to be more affordable.

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