Save Money Living in Mexico

How to Save Money Living in Mexico

If you’re considering a move to Mexico in order to save money or stretch your retirement funds further you really are on to a winner; Mexico is a great place for American, European, and Canadian expats looking to find a better quality of life. Living in Mexico, your dollars will go much, much further, and you are sure to save money, but there are somethings you can do to make your life in Mexico even more cost effective!

Here are some top tips on how to save money living in Mexico.

Save money living in Mexico by shopping in the markets
Take your example from the locals and shop where they do; avoid the “hip” farmers markets that charge San Francisco prices for Mexican fare and buy with the locals, from the locals. This way you can support your new community while getting the best deal on fresh produce when living in Mexico.
Save money living in Mexico by using public transport
Importing your car to Mexico can be costly and full of paperwork, and buying a car here is expensive in comparison to the price of cars in the USA and Canada. For this reason, public transport should be your go to when living in Mexico. Public transport is cheap, regular, and reliable, and if that fails to hold your interest you should know that taxis are more affordable, too!
Save money living in Mexico by partying at happy hour
When you want to party look for special offers and events; coupons, entertainment events, and happy hour deals are the way to go. If you plan your week well you can enjoy a party two or three times a week at minimal cost!
Save money living in Mexico by dining where the locals go
Mexico has much to offer in the way of dining experiences; there are plenty of gourmet restaurants where you could spend a pretty penny… but you don’t have to splash the cash in order to eat well here! Give the local favorites a try and you may never want to hit a tourist hotspot again!
Save money living in Mexico by looking for coupons
Many Mexican cities have caught on to the idea of coupon-ing! Make it your business to follow the local offers from restaurants, movie theatres, and supermarkets, and you could save a bundle when living in Mexico.
Save money living in Mexico by making friends with Mexicans
Making friends with your neighbors will increase your enjoyment exponentially, and it will help you to live cheaply as you can get good recommendations for plumbers, electricians, and places to shop etc without paying “gringo” prices. If they recommend you someone they know and go to then you can be sure you’re not getting ripped off.
Save money living in Mexico by investing in Mexican health insurance
Health Insurance in Mexico is cheaper than in the USA and Canada so you can expect to have a better quality of healthcare for less.
Save money living in Mexico by living near the locals
Very few ex-pats in Mexico are aware of the fact that the neighborhood in which you live can affect how much you pay for your electricity. Tariffs are decided for each area and set so that poorer areas pay less than higher income neighborhoods. So, if you wish to pay less for your electricity when living in Mexico avoid the affluent tourist areas and save money.

Do you have any tips for how someone can save money living in Mexico? Let us know in the comments section below.

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