How Safe is Mexico in Hurricane Season

How safe is Mexico in hurricane season? Hurricane season in Mexico is during the summer months when the temperatures are extremely high, which is why Mexico can be at moderate risk to hurricanes making landfall. These powerful storms start out on the ocean waters, gathering strength and power, and sometimes make it to land. The Pacific Coasts, Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula shores are the areas most at risk from hurricanes, although modern infrastructure has greatly limited the potential for major damage in the wake of a strong hurricane.

Hurricanes – What are they and how do they form?

What are hurricanes? A hurricane is a natural phenomenal that is unpredictable. Tropical Cyclones are their proper term. A hurricane is a cyclone that starts out as a tropical storm, then its sustained wind speeds can reach 74 miles per hour and higher. When the tropical storm moves across the sea it will gather energy and force, then when the tropical storm passes over land the wind will start to diminish. Substantial damages to properties and structures on the coastline where the hurricane hits land is what hurricanes can cause, and after the hurricane goes inland it will dump inches of rain on the areas.

Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can start appearing in Mexico from late spring to autumn. In the last decades, hurricanes have generally been at their worst in the late summer to early autumn. There is no certain way to predict when the hurricane will start appearing, the intensity, how many each year, and how many will make it on land. Between July-October in Mexico hurricane storms are most popular due to these months being the hottest. September and October are the most active months for hurricanes in Mexico. Once temperatures start cooling down from November and on is when the hurricanes are less likely to occur.

Hurricane Effects in Mexico

Nowadays, there is less human risks with hurricanes due to the advanced weather monitoring systems, advanced communications technology, and the modern construction to homes and properties. The strongest hurricanes can still cause destructive damages to properties, disconnect power and communication systems, and transport systems will be severely affected.

Residents that work and live in hurricane areas are very accustomed and used to the hurricane storms that happen and they know how to prepare for them. The home structures and modernized hotels that are built in Mexico can withstand tropical storms and earthquakes, but there is nothing that can be 100% immune to the forces of nature, and even the modern structures have minimal risks.

Hurricane Insurance and Protection

Property owners that live in storm areas such as the coasts of Mexico can protect themselves with hurricane insurance, which will assist them with any physical damages and losses. Visitors and residents can be prepared or even evacuate if needed with the fore-warning systems that are provided in Mexico.

Mexico’s Historic Hurricanes

In Mexico’s recent years, the most notable hurricanes include Wilma, which hit the Yucatan Peninsula in 2005 and this hurricane caused widespread damages to Cancun and the surrounding areas, which is the main tourist destinations in Mexico. In October of 2015, Hurricane Patricia made landfall on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and though meteorologists said this hurricane was the ‘strongest hurricane on record’, fortunately there was very little widespread damage and few casualties due to the nature of the terrain where it made landfall, which was relatively unpopulated. In 2002, hurricane Kenna hit the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Banderas Bay was extremely flooded, then Kenna hit the San Blas are where four deaths occurred along with major widespread damages.

How safe is Mexico in hurricane season? Mexico is becoming more and safer with the modern construction to hotels and structures along with the advanced weather monitoring systems.

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