How safe is it to drink the tap water

How safe is it to drink the tap water?

Tap water in Mexico may vary from being safe to drink to being unfit even for simple cleaning requirements like brushing your teeth or bathing. The difference lies on where the tap water originates from. There are good public water systems found in cities and towns and some people living in Mexico are content drinking safe water from their tap. Unfortunately, not all regions are the same when it comes to having safe tap water for drinking. You might find yourself purchasing a bottled or filtered water unless you are sure that the tap water is potable.

There are three ways by which homes in Mexico receive water: mains-feed, communal feed coming from local water springs, or a rain collection combined with local water delivered by trucks. Those who live in urban towns or cities get their water through the mains-feed. Communal feeds supply water to those located outside the main cities and towns. Some owners choose to collect rainwater during the rainy season and combine this with water from delivery trucks. Large cisterns at their properties collect these waters. Some on-site filtration systems also work best for some residential owners. A separate tap dispenses the filtered water coming from the property’s water supply.

When these water sources are not available, no need to worry. Bottled water is widely available throughout Mexico. Their containers are called “Garrafones” and range in sizes from hand-sized bottles to 20-liter containers. There are various ways to purchase these bottled waters. Street traders, supermarkets, pharmacies, local convenience stores, and specialist water delivery companies can supply you with water whether it is for your home, office, or your factory.

Some upscale smaller hotels and those larger hotels in Mexico have their own purification systems installed within their properties. With this system, you can ensure you get potable water on-site. Restaurants also offer bottled water at a price, but you can ask for a complimentary glass of water which may come from bottled water or from an installed purification system. All hotels provide guests with at least one bottle of purified water in the room and this can be replenished by the maid. You can only infer if the hotel’s tap water is safe for drinking or not, but rest assured you will have water for drinking within your reach.

When you have your own property in Mexico, a great suggestion would be to install your own three-way water filtration system. This will make sure you have plenty of potable water. If you would not have your own filter, large 20-liter garrafones are easily available for sale in Mexico.

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