Are you seeking the path to happiness in your life? Fed up with stress and chaos up north, and want to slow down and move to Mexico? The draw of a more relaxed and simple life in Mexico is one reason why many foreigners are moving to Mexico. Want to learn more? Here are a couple popular reasons why expats move to Mexico.

Focus On The Small Things

Many expats in Mexico say slowing down and focusing on the small things in life is what they enjoy most about moving to Mexico. Many expats revel in the chance to reconnect with their favorite pastimes or hobbies that went disregarded during their busy lives in the United States or Canada. What do you enjoy most? Reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, taking long walks on the beach? A hectic life in the United States or Canada can be so fast paced that you sometimes overlook the most important parts of being alive. Moving to Mexico could help improve your quality of life when you are able to spend more time doing what you love.

Lower Cost Of Living: Less Stress

The lower cost of living in Mexico means that a move to Mexico will result in more money in your pocket to spend on things you enjoy. The average cost of utilities, rent, grocery store bills are much less than in the United States or Canada. Even having a gardener or housecleaner is very affordable in Mexico. Don’t waste your days stressing and working yourself to a pulp. Move to Mexico and re adjust your lifestyle to fit with what matters most to you. Focus in on a simpler life that has more quality, and less quantity. Ready for a better quality of life than you have in the United States or Canada? A move to Mexico could be right for you.

Quality Healthcare That You Can Afford

Quality healthcare is also very accessible and affordable in Mexico. Doctor visits cost around $30-$50USD out of pocket, and prescriptions are significantly cheaper than the same medicines in the United States. In addition to private healthcare insurance options that are reasonably priced, there are also several governmental healthcare institutions in Mexico such as IMSS, ISSSTE and the Seguro Popular that are available to expats at little to no cost.

Chance To Own Real Estate In Mexico

Has the chance to own your own home evaded you all these years, despite years of hard work? A move to Mexico may also allow you to become a homeowner if you purchase real estate in Mexico. Real estate in Mexico options are numerous, and less expensive than similar real estate options in other countries. Real estate in Mexico can be legally purchased by expats by simply creating a trust. Perhaps a move to Mexico will help you find your dream home after all!

A move to Mexico offers a way to live a simpler lifestyle focused on family and enjoying every small moment life gives you. Could a move to Mexico be in your future?

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