Real Estate in Cabo

It is very rare to find a place that is the perfect mix of naturally created beauty and man-made amenities, yet retains its unique flavour. Cabo is one of those few places; no-one knows just who called this area home first thousands of years ago, but today it is one of the hottest destinations in the world for the rich and famous, as well as the average Joe. It’s not just the many wonderful amenities and facilities on offer that make real estate in Cabo so unique; the arch shaped rock formations found here are wonders of the natural world. These landmarks have been put down as ‘must see’ landmarks of the world, and are really quite iconic now.

How about real estate in Cabo?

Luckily enough Cabo San Lucas is so much more than just a place to take your vacations and, as such, has all the conveniences of a well-planned city. Urban development here has been sensible and practical, and as such there are properties for every person here. From beach front condos to city centre apartments, you can be sure you’ll find exactly what you need here.

Here are some important points to think about when buying real estate in Cabo:

How to purchase real estate in Cabo

It’s not the same as buying in the USA or Canada, but a good realtor can make buying your Cabo San Lucas home quick and painless. Choose a reliable name and be sure to check their references so that you know who you’re dealing with. A notary will be required to validate your real estate transferral, and will certify that all your legal documents are in order so that you can enjoy a smooth transaction. The process may be different to that at home, but try not to think of it as better or worse.

Property trust

One way in which Mexico differs from the USA and Canada quite noticeably is the fact that there is a restricted zone which covers around 62 miles from the border, and 31 miles down the coast, in which a Mexican trustee is required if a foreign national is going to own any property. In most cases this will a bank trust called Fideicomiso. You could, of course, find a Mexican national willing to lend you their name, but if they’re not family the Fideicomiso has proven to be more secure and trustworthy in many cases. Your should note that real estate in Cabo falls within this restricted zone.

Cabo’s warm weather

The climate in Cabo is warm and sunny year round; perfect for those who don’t want to be armpit deep in snow or rain. Average temperatures dip at 50 Fahrenheit and peak at around 95 in the warmest season, but the humidity tends to not be an issue. This dry, warm climate is just what many people are after. Though the rainy season technically to run July to October there are only around 15 rainy days per year on average. This is another reason why many people love to vacation and stay in this particular area.

Exclusive neighbors

If you’re a bit of a celeb spotter, or would like to be, then Cabo san Lucas is definitely the place for you! Thanks to its proximity to California Cabo has become somewhat of a weekend getaway spot for the Hollywood elite and big players of Silicon Valley. It’s become almost mandatory, in fact, for Hollywood stars and big .com players to have a weekend retreat in Cabo, and as a result the weekends are where it’s at. Big cocktail parties with elite guests lists happen all over the city. Real estate in Cabo is all the rage in Hollywood.

Golfers’ paradise

You could retire in style here as the cost of living is lower, the medical facilities are world class and the city has all the mod cons you might want…. But for golf lovers there are a few more reasons to stay here. Cabo is home to a selection of world class courses designed by the biggest names in the business. Golf heaven!

For sure, Cabo San Lucas is the kind of place you want to call home.

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