Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta Beach Reviews

Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta Beach Reviews

Tired of spending your vacation in dull beach resorts with rough waves and plain looking views? You will never have that again; come to Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, where the best beaches satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. Spend the vacation of your dream and be in a place which can truly be called “paradise.” Here is a review of these fabulous beaches sure to take your breath away.

Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta Beaches in Mexico.


Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Boasting the longest and widest beach in Banderas Bay, this piece of heaven offers a variety of activities you can do. Its calm and shallow waves are perfect for boogie boarding and kite surfing. Bring all those volleyballs out because you can spike your way through playing beach volleyball. Kayaking is stimulating and paddleboarding too. If you are a beginner, then they have instructors to teach you the basics. This beach resort understands your needs and gives total visitor’s satisfaction. It is also considered as one of Nuevo Vallarta’s prime resorts and gives you a view that is real panoramic and exhilarating.

Bucerias Beach

This beach is host to some great little restaurants serving grilled fish and tasty Mexican delicacies. Why not order a round of beer and enjoy the scenery? Talk to the local people of Bucerias and you will hear old Mexican tales to keep you intrigued. It is generally a comely place where Mexican hospitality and warm is at its best. Great for families.

Destiladeras Beach

A not yet fully developed beach with just one hotel, and a couple of very casual restaurants it boasts a wide beach and clear waters. Good for people who enjoy boogie boarding and enjoying a typically Mexican experience.You can enjoy its tranquility and serenity to keep you well relaxed.

Punta Mita Beach

If you are looking for a great beach and much more, Punta Mita is the place to be. It offers kayaking and paddleboarding lessons, and is host to some excellent restaurants where you can feast on really delicious Mexican recipes. Elegant shopping through its stores and shops that give you high quality items like beachwear, swimming gadgets, branded clothing and souvenir items. Get that upmarket experience where luxury and comfort is evident everywhere. It’s not surprising that it is near the homes of the rich and famous. You might find yourself rubbing elbows with some Hollywood celebrities or Mexican telenovela superstars. Don’t get too jealous if you see them in sailboats or expensive yachts that pass you by.

Sayulita Beach

The home of world class surfers, designer beachwear stores and funky restaurants. Sayulita is a beach destination that is so active that you will never be bored. Watching skilled surfers and paddleboarders will surely amaze you. It will make you want to ride that surf and imitate their style in battling those gigantic waves. Swimming can sometimes be scary, but there are spots where the waters are calm. Sayulita is a way of life and very hippy, so make sure you arrive with the spirit of adventure.


Los Muertos Beach

A lively beach because it is always teeming with all sorts of people, with music and jazz to keep you rolling and lots of outdoor activities to keep you moving. Your eyes will be filled with gusto as you see people wearing colorful beach attires. Walking along its shorelines is such a magnificent experience. You will see people running and jogging, vendors that sell almost everything and children building sand castles. Join in the fun, encourage your daughter to enjoy and build her sandcastle too; she is your princess anyway and Los Muertos beach is such a fun kingdom.

Playa Pelicanos

Frequently visited by both national and international tourists where they find plenty of space to appreciate the scenic views. Few establishments lined up this stretch which make it quiet and simple. The best area to enjoy the low waves, the sand and the sun. This is where sun bathing is ideal and fun games too, because it is least populated. It also has a long stretch of beach where you can practice your swimming and floating ability.

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