Nuevo Vallarta Earns Clean Tourist Destination Certificate

Nuevo Vallarta Earns Clean Tourist Destination Certificate

Sustainability is a huge issue when it comes to the tourist trade, and this is especially the case in countries which boast fragile ecosystems or endangered animals. Mexico is no different, and as a result Nuevo Vallarta is a source of pride as it recently received the Clean Tourist Destination award. Nuevo Vallarta is the first place in Mexico to achieve this status, and can be found 20 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta.

Clean Tourist Destination

Nuevo Vallarta was able to fulfil the quality certifications for this award thanks to FIBBA’s compliance when it comes to urban infrastructure, and integrated water and waste management. The fact that Nuevo Vallarta has dealt so well with the rapid expansion of the last thirty years, too, has no doubt had an effect upon the giving of this award; the city is clean, well-kept and has many beautiful features to enjoy. The impeccably kept natural waterways are particularly lovely.

Banderas Bay

The municipality of the Bay of Banderas is widely thought to have gone above and beyond in securing this Clean Tourist Destination award, and has put sustainable growth and future planning for urban expansion in the future.

Nuevo Vallarta’s popularity?

Nuevo Vallarta is a lovely, coastal tourist town which benefits from year round good weather. There are great places to eat, wonderful attractions to visit, and great bars to enjoy. Here are our top things to do when in Nuevo Vallarta, Banderas Bay:

  • Ride a Bike

    Bike riding is a great way to see the countryside when you’re on vacation, as well as a good way to spend time with the family. Nuevo Vallarta has scenery to die for!

  • Beach Strolling

    A walk along one of the beautiful beaches found in Nuevo Vallarta is a great way to get some gentle exercise and see the city. The clean sands and rolling surf are so romantic at sun down, so why not walk along to La Cruz de HUanacaxtle.

  • Boogie or Skim Boarding

    The waves are warm here, and perfect for boogie or skim boarding.

  • Dining

    Nuevo Vallarta is a foodie heaven – you can find all kinds of cuisine here. Whether you want Mexican, Italian or Fusion food you’ll find some of the best examples around when you’re in Nuevo Vallarta. The seafood is particularly amazing, and there are great grocery stores if you’d rather cook something yourself.

  • Boardwalks

    Strolling around one of the two marinas is a great way to spend a lazy morning, but you could also take some sailing classes if you fancied learning something new!

  • Turtle Magic

    Turtles are iconic in Mexico, and they’re beloved almost universally. So what could be a better outing with the kids than a great lunch at La Laguna (near the South Entrance) followed by feeding the turtles?

We’d like to congratulate all of those people who put blood, sweat, and tears into getting Nuevo Vallarta this award for being a Clean Tourist Destination in 2016!

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