moving to Mexico

Are you thinking about making a big move in your life? Are you considering moving to Mexico to start over fresh with your life or to retire there? There are important factors that you should consider before you make the move to Mexico. Below are the top tips for those that are moving to Mexico.

Visa, Travel, and Immigration Documents are Updated

Everyone in your family, including yourself should all have their required travel papers in order so you can legally enter Mexico. At the time of your travel, all passports must be valid and presented. When you are planning on moving to Mexico, you will also need to apply for a Resident Visa. A resident Visa FM-2 or an FM-3 application should be submitted ahead of time. If you would like assistance with the Visa process, it will help to pay a small fee and hire a lawyer that specializes in immigration law. You will also want to make sure that you reserve your flights along with any travel arrangements in advance so the moving to Mexico journey will be smooth.

Renew Your Driver’s License and Passport

When you are ready to apply for a resident Visa in Mexico, you will want to check your passport to make sure that it is valid for at least one year. If not, you should renew the passport for an additional term prior to you submitting the visa application to become a resident of Mexico. You should also be considering renewing your home driver’s license before you make the move to Mexico as foreigners are allowed to drive using their home country’s driver’s license. It’s not a law that you have a Mexican driver’s license to drive in Mexico, but down the road when you are completely settled in, you can also get a driver’s license in Mexico. To get a driver’s license in Mexico, you will need to take a written test and pass it, then take the driving test and pass it, and also pay the applicable fees for the driver’s license.

Can Pets Be Brought to Mexico?

Would you like to bring your pets with you when you make the move to Mexico? You can bring cats and dogs with you to Mexico, but they have to have all of their vaccinations, a health certificate, and rabies and distemper vaccinations should be done at least 15 days before moving to Mexico. No other animals are currently allowed to be brought to Mexico under these conditions such as snakes, rabbits, and birds. These type of animals require special import papers, permits, and fees paid before bringing them to Mexico.

Moving to Mexico: Make A List

It is important that you make a list of what to take and what to leave behind when you are moving to Mexico. You can have a yard sale for the things you don’t want to take with you, and this would give you extra money for the move, or you can donate the items. There may be a few things that you can’t find in Mexico such as certain clothes, food choices, and furniture, but usually, almost everything you need can be found in Mexico.

Reserve Temporary Lodging

You will want to reserve your temporary lodging way in advance when you are moving to Mexico. Accommodations can sometimes be hard to find and more expensive if you don’t book in advance, especially during peak season. It is ideal to try to rent a property month to month with a hotel or Airbnb, as this will give you plenty of time to get acquainted with the area, and you will learn if you want to live in a different area. It may surprise you that the real estate properties in Mexico are sold at a reduced property and much lower than what you pay in Canada or the United States. There are many real estate properties in Mexico that are sold with full or fractional ownership options. These type of properties are what many expats are purchasing, so it is something to consider when moving to Mexico.

Are you moving to Mexico? If you are, then you have just read all the things you should know before you make the move to Mexico. All of your travel documents should be in order, all pets vaccinations should be up to date, and all of your accommodations should be booked ahead of time. Time to start your new life!

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