Best Place in the World to Retire

Mexico tops the list of being the best place in the world to retire for USA expats according to International Living. International Living is one of the top authorities that researches global retirement, releasing a range of statistics. The International Living rate on the cost of living, residence, getting visas, and the local climate all feature and are considered when deciding which countries are the best place in the world to retire. Currently there are over a million expats from America that are currently residing in Mexico, because Mexico is beautiful place to relocate and it is possibly one of the easiest places to transition to from the USA.

Best Place in the World to Retire

Retiring to Mexico is a trend that is growing more and more each year and it has been predicted that this trend will only increase in further years. A few of the top ten countries that made the list are Malta, Portugal, Panama, Ecuador, Malaysia, Colombia, and Costa Rica, but Mexico is at the very top of the list for 2017 as the best place in the world to retire. Here are the top reasons why Mexico is the best country to retire to:

Living is Affordable

Mexico living is affordable. For retirees it is important to retire in a place that is affordable. In Mexico, retirees can live a comfortable life as it takes very little money to enjoy life and pay your bills in Mexico. The housing and groceries are very affordable compared to your home country. The healthcare costs are amazingly affordable and the quality of the healthcare is good even when compare to services in the USA.

Exchange Rates

Another reason that sees Mexico topping the 2017 list of the best place in the world to retire is the current exchange rate, which is extremely favorable for retirees coming from the United States. Between the US dollar and the Mexican peso the exchange rates are at an all historical high. This is the time to take advantage of the exchange rates as your money will go even further than it has in the past.

United States is Close

Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun are popular vacation destinations and these areas offer direct flights to major United States cities. Getting back home is painless. It is good to know that you can just jump on the next direct flight and be back in your home city within just a few hours, and retirees really appreciate this as it makes traveling back and forth a relief.

Outstanding Entertainment and Amenities

In Mexico, there are many outstanding entertainment and amenities that is quite comparable to back in your own city. Walmart and Costco, and fast food options are available. The dining options are world class, the theaters are English movies, and many different festivals, musical acts, and nightlife is available.

In Many Cities English is Spoken

Many of the coastal towns and popular cities in Mexico speak English by the locals. This makes moving to Mexico from the United States much easier, especially if you don’t speak any Spanish.

What are your reasons for retiring to Mexico? Why do you think that Mexico tops the list of being the best place in the world to retire?

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