Make Mexico your home

Why should you make Mexico your home?

Wow, that’s a big question; when it comes to seeking a new place to put down roots no-one can really make the choice for you. It has to be about what’s best for you…

Of course, what we can say is that Mexico is a wonderful country, home to warm and cultured people. It’s a country that’s often overlooked and underappreciated, but we have ten reasons as to why you should consider settling down in Mexico;

10 Reasons to Make Mexico your Home…

The People

Kind, curious, welcoming; this is how we would describe the people of Mexico if given only three words. This is a country, and a people, where family, friends, and hospitality take center stage. As a result, you get what you give; if you take an interest in your neighbors and make the effort to get to know them they will respond in kind. You cannot do better than Mexico if you’re looking to build a new network.

The Climate

The stunning beauty of the Mexican landscape and culture is matched only by the climate that this vast country enjoys. Well, we should say climates; you see the climate can range from temperate to tropical, depending on where you stay.

The Colors

Mexico is a visual feast of color that never seems to dull; this is a world painted in technicolor from the plants to the street art and even the buildings.

The Lower Cost of Living

If you’re moving from the USA, Canada, or Europe you will no doubt notice that the cost of living is much lower here; fresh fruit and veg, rent, utilities, and even little luxuries are all much more affordable here. Enjoy more, worry less!

The Cuisine

Mexico is a country for Foodies, by Foodies.

You think we jest? Mexican Cuisine is a protected Intangible Heritage according to UNESCO, and we can confirm that it is delicious no matter where you go. Each state puts its own spin on things, of course, so make sure you try the local delicacies as well as the national treasures.

The Landscapes

The geography of Mexico is as variable as it is dramatic and majestic. Nowhere else on earth can you find so many extremes meeting in the most unlikely of places. Take Los Cabos, for example; here desert, mountain, and the ocean meet here to stunning effect.

The Nature

Mexico is almost unrivaled for its biodiversity and natural reserves. Aside from the obvious and overwhelming marine biodiversity here, you will also find 30,000 species of flowering plant, and no less than 1,500 species of reptile, mammal, and amphibian. In Michoacán, you will see millions of Monarch Butterfly as they descend during their migration from Canada, and in Yucatan, you can see Pink Flamingo in their natural glory.

The Celebrations

Joy is the word of the day in Mexico; the many religious and national holidays in Mexico are seen as prime times for celebration and festivity. As such, there is always a party just around the corner, and joy is not in short supply! Be sure to win yourself some points by sporting green, red, and white!

The History

The history of Mexico is as rich and varied as it’s culture and cuisine, and if you’re a student of history you will find an endless supply of things to be enthralled by here. From the Maya and Olmec people to the Spanish conquest to the Revolution, and of course modern political and social issues. The many museums and galleries which pepper this country tell its story in glittering fragments or splendid narratives.

The Sense of Fun

Last, but never least is the sense of fun, adventure, and wonder that awaits here in Mexico; the vast and varied nature of this land and these people make it a place where there is always something new to see and experience. Get the magic back in your life with a move to Mexico!

So, do you need any more convincing about whether to make Mexico your home? Browse through this website.

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