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Luxury Lifestyle: The Value of a Personal Concierge

Did you know that in the nineteenth century in Paris the idea of a modern-day concierge was born? During that time, a concierge was known as a “Suisse”, as that position was normally filled by Swiss people who would live on the ground floor of an apartment complex The reason for this was that the concierge was able to monitor everyone that would enter and leave the building to provide security and assistance. Even further back in the eighteenth century, concierges were appointed by a king, and the concierges were tasked to maintain complete order, and document prisoner activity and police records. Today, concierges are still very important in modern resorts and residences. They maintain and assist in a variety of ways to attend to customer needs. Continue to read below to learn more about personal concierges and why Villa La Estancia in Mexico provides the top concierge services. 


Concierge Development Over the Years

A concierge’s main job in Paris many years ago was to monitor people who came and went to an apartment building.  Today’s concierge performs more like a modern-day personal assistant or secretary. A concierge performs numerous tasks so that every time you are visiting a resort or vacation home, like Villa La Estancia Residences, your stay will be amazing. The concierges that work at resorts, hotels, and condo developments help homeowners and guests with a variety of tasks such as making reservations at restaurants, scheduling spa appointments, arranging transportation, coordinating luggage delivery, along with providing suggestions about the top tours and activities in the area. The concierge can also even take care of mail and parcel services during your downtime you can enjoy your vacation to the max. 


Amazing Attention

Creating the best possible experience for each property owner at Villa La Estancia is the company’s main focus. Therefore, Villa La Estancia concierges are an important feature that homeowners expect and appreciate.  Villa La Estancia stands out against other residences in the area because they provide these value-added concierge services. Their concierges will make sure your home is more than what you expected. If you need help with getting tickets to a popular show in town, you can count on the concierge at Villa La Estancia to do that for you. If you need transportation to the airport, they can handle that so you can enjoy your vacation without stress. The concierges at Villa La Estancia will take care of all your needs and they work hard to go above and beyond so that each homeowner feels pampered and taken care of. Don’t you want to be treated like royalty? If so, you deserve to be a Villa La Estancia homeowner. 

Villa La Estancia Riviera Nayarit Concierge

Luxurious Dream Homes on the Beachfront

Did you know that Villa La Estancia has properties in Cabo San Lucas and in Riviera Nayarit? You can buy your dream vacation home in either of these two popular destinations. You can own your own vacation home at the Villa La Estancia, and all of the amazing services will make you truly enjoy every day of your vacation. Don’t wait any longer. Visit the Villa La Estancia website today at and see what beachfront residences are still available for your purchase. 

Villa La Estancia has two popular and sought out vacation destinations and they provide world-class amenities and services along with a 24-hour concierge service. You can own a piece of heaven at Villa La Estancia. You will be living a luxury lifestyle with the value of a personal concierge.  Remember, visit Villa La Estancia’s website today at so you can call one of their amazing properties your new home.

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