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There are so many reasons to choose Puerto Vallarta as a destination to visit, vacation, and even live in! After all the thousands of tourists and snowbirds who visit each year cannot all be wrong, right? Here are some fabulous reasons why you should live in Puerto Vallarta.

Record breaking

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s top 10 destinations, and that, furthermore, it was dubbed the friendliest city in the world by Conde Nast? It’s true! Live in Puerto Vallarta and you will soon see what this town has to offer…

Puerto Vallarta’s Charm

Puerto Vallarta is charming; this is just a fact. It’s so charming that many of the snowbirds who come here to spend the winters year on year end up moving permanently to live in Puerto Vallarta. The oceanside setting and stunning architecture, combined with the low cost of living and amazing amenities, make it a place where you can live life to its fullest.

Puerto Vallarta has something for all ages

Puerto Vallarta used to be somewhat of a haven for retirees, and while it remains a good place to retire it has become even more suited to families, couples, and singletons as well who want to live in Puerto Vallarta. The spectacular natural setting between the ocean and mountains means there are great outdoor activities for people of all ages all year round. Better still there are some truly wonderful bilingual schools in the city, too.

Laid back

Many of the people who mouth south to live in Puerto Vallarta come for a change in pace and lifestyle; the relaxed rules and chilled out pace of living make it a refreshing change for many.

A neighborhoods for all tastes

There are different types of home and neighborhood for most tastes here; high rises for the singletons who want to be close to town, sleepy villages for retirees looking for a big garden, suburb homes for families who need a bit of both, and even gated communities for the luxury lovers!

Living in Puerto Vallarta Cheaply

The cost of living in Puerto Vallarta is exceedingly reasonable here, and you’ll find that your money goes farther even when you consider the cost of real estate.

Safety in Puerto Vallarta

On top of all this you will be pleased to hear that Puerto Vallarta has an especially low crime rate, as does Banderas Bay as a whole; keeping the peace is key to local government as tourism is such a big part of the economy here.

Live in Puerto Vallarta and take the best decision you will ever make

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