Expat Medical Evacuation Insurance

You may have thought about or even purchased travel insurance when you were traveling to Mexico or any short trip for a vacation. Maybe you have thought about purchasing health insurance from a private Mexican company when you are thinking about living in Mexico full-time or part-time, but have you ever thought about purchasing medical evacuation insurance for expats?

Medical Evacuation Insurance for Expats

Medical evacuation insurance for expats may not instantly come to mind, but if an urgent medical situation occurs with you or your family members, then having essential insurance at a difficult time would be essential. If you have medical evacuation insurance for expats, then you may have the option to go back to your hometown to enjoy the healthcare services there; though this would depend on you having valid health insurance back home.

Mexico Travel Insurance

More than likely you have a travel insurance policy for your country and coverage is limited for a certain amount of time, and this tends to be around sixty to ninety days. The insurance coverage can vary and some insurance policies will provide coverage of your return home, but there may be a limit to what the repatriation would cover by the insurance company. If you are traveling short-term to Mexico, then your health insurance may not cover you there.

Private Health Insurance

If you plan on coming to Mexico for a lengthy period such as volunteer work, studying, or living in Mexico for a while, then you will not be covered by any travel insurance policies that are for short term and you will not be covered by your local health insurance, which is meant to be used in your own country. You will not have any repatriation costs for your medical.

Medical Evacuation Insurance for Expats Benefits

In several different circumstances medical repatriation plans are very useful. Medical repatriation out-of-pocket costs are extremely expensive, and for most people it is not financially possible. If you plan on visiting Mexico for a short time or for a longer period, then you may be covered by your health insurance while you are in Mexico, but you may need to be in your own country to actually use the health insurance. None of the commercial airlines will take the chance in flying you home if you are in a serious medical predicament.

If you are in Mexico for a longer period of time, then your private health insurance or IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) that will provide you with the proper health insurance coverage while you are in Mexico, but if you become severely injured or critically sick, then you can go back to your own country when you are able where you can see your own personal doctors and hospital along with being close to your friends and family members that can assist you and provide you with support. The common healthcare insurance policies will not cover the costs to fly you back home, but only local medical care.

More than a flight back home

Having medical repatriation is more than just getting a flight back home from Mexico. It provides qualified and trained medical professionals and medical transport specialists that will supply all information between hospitals, doctors, airports, and all government agencies. They will also keep your family updated throughout the entire evacuation procedure. Medical evacuation insurance for expats are very affordable, and considering the outstanding support network that it comes with along with the peace of mind that you will have if you or your family member has a medical emergency and you can get back home it is well worth the cost!

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