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Mexico has always attracted many visitors and wannabe residents who are drawn to the perfect weather, natural beauty, and delicious foods. Many of these people want to settle down here or purchase a second home. Are you considering a Mexico move? If you are, then you should read the top 8 tips for expats that want to move to Mexico. Your new life in Mexico can be wonderful and fulfilling once you learn about being patient. In the market for beachfront real estate? If, considering the luxurious private residences at Villa La Estancia. With properties in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas, you have your choice of 2 of the best destinations in all of Mexico. Keep reading below to learn more about our top move to Mexico advice for expats looking to live the simple life in paradise.

Learning Spanish
Some expats that move to Mexico don’t learn Spanish, but it is actually recommended that you try to at least learn basic conversational Spanish. By doing so, you will be able to have a more fulfilling experience and added opportunities if you know the language. Communication between people forms a community, which is why learning Spanish will allow you to understand people along with creating a more positive and well-rounded life experience. Learning Spanish can also give you added access for employment that you wouldn’t get before if you plan to work in Mexico as well.
Proper Greetings
No matter where you live, this tip is especially important if you want to move to Mexico. If you have recently arrived in Mexico, you should start off by learning the proper greetings. Generally, Mexicans normally greet others with a handshake, hug or kiss. Depending on the time of day, you should start your greetings with “Buenos Dias” (good morning), “Buenas Tardes”, (good afternoon), and “Buenas Noches” (good evening). Also, it is proper to greet everyone in a room as soon as you enter. When you are leaving a restaurant, it is also customary to say “Provecho” (Bon Appetit), and this will be a pleasant wish for everyone to enjoy their meals.
Accepting Lateness
Mexicans are known for being laid back, and when it comes to what some foreigners may consider punctual, some Mexicans may fall a little short. However, expats that are moving to Mexico will need to prepare themselves that many people show up late. Not all Mexican people are always late, but in general, it is socially acceptable and also common for this to occur at school or even work. You can always ask if you are unsure about the timing of a specific event because you don’t want to show up too early by simply being on time to a party, only to then find out the host isn’t even ready to greet guests. A good general rule of thumb is that you should show up about thirty minutes to an hour late for social gatherings and parties unless advised otherwise.
Being Too Direct is Considered Rude
It is genuine to be direct with Americans, but for many Mexicans, they believe being direct is actually rude. For example, if someone offers you food, and you refuse the food because you are not hungry, Mexicans might find this as a rude gesture. When in doubt, you should accept the foods or drinks and get rid of it discreetly if you are not hungry. Also, it may surprise you that Mexicans who have agreed to do something, then never follow up is quite commonplace. For example, in Mexico, many people believe it is culturally acceptable to say yes to something you have been offered, but then to never do it. If you have invited friends to a party or an event and they accepted the invitation, but later they don’t come don’t be surprised. By understanding this culturally accepted way of life, expats can save themselves a lot of stress and frustration when they move to Mexico.
Don’t Judge
When you move to Mexico, your eyes will be opened due to a different way of life than the one you were used to living in the United States or in Canada. Often times foreigners are bothered about problems in Mexico like the litter and trash problems and animal reproduction control for stray cats and dogs. However, it is important to understand that some people that are from developed countries need to understand that animal welfare and the environment is just something that some Mexicans do not prioritize. While there are plenty of educated Mexicans that are aware of social and environmental concerns, some local residents don’t have the resources to worry about those issues because many of them may not even have enough money for food for their families. As a result, other concerns become secondary so it is important for expats that move to Mexico to be less judgemental and have a little understanding.
Tasty and Delicious Foods
When you move to Mexico, you can enjoy one of the best parts which are the tasty and delicious foods you can eat. You don’t need to worry about eating foods from the street vendors. In fact, many small and local restaurants provide the best foods, and they also provide fresh food options because they are quite busy and have a good turn over. How do you know which restaurant or vendor has the best tacos? If you see a crowd, then this is probably where you can find the best tacos. You should stay away from restaurants that aren’t busy. Fresh fruit is one of the best foods that you can enjoy in Mexico and they are available year-round. You should take advantage of the organic produce. You can enjoy fresh-squeezed orange juice or carrot juice in Mexico and they only cost a dollar or two. What a nice treat for a great price!
Enjoy Hobbies
Many expats that move to Mexico are extremely happy that they finally have time to enjoy their favorite hobbies. What activities or hobbies do you enjoy most? New expats in Mexico enjoy hiking, surfing, snorkeling, climbing mountains, and bike riding. You can also sign up for a cooking class, arts, or workshops where you can meet new people and friends. The options and opportunities are endless.

Expats that move to Mexico will see that this country is an incredible place to live. Mexicans are very friendly and kind, and the natural beauty, enriching culture, and tasty food will have you know that you made the best decision in your life with a move to Mexico. Don’t forget to look into beachfront residences at Villa La Estancia if you plan to purchase real estate as well. They have both full and fractional ownership options available and it could be your dream home in Mexico you have been searching for.

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