Life in Mexico

Culture Shock – Life in Mexico

Want to know about life in Mexico? There are many good reasons why you should move to this amazing country. Aside from the culture shock you might experience, living and thinking like a local Mexican will give you a unique experience for sure.

Here are some pointers to save you from a culture shock when considering a new life in Mexico.

Crazy Roads

You surely have experiences of a bustling city life in the United States or Canada where traffic jams are usual during peak hours, however, driving in Mexico can be a whole new level of crazy. Despite large numbers of law enforcement officers known as “transito” police on the roads, rules are not strictly followed on Mexican roads, often leaving drivers to sort out things on their own. Caution and common sense will help you survive and reach your destination safely. Don’t forget your seatbelt!


Aside from the challenge of getting to your destination, Mexico offers another challenge for its foreign residents that are accustomed to punctuality. You might be used to being on time for an appointment and pride yourself on your punctuality but not everyone follows your standards in Mexico (although, there are many Mexicans who are proudly punctual too). When in Mexico, you’ll have to extend patience as your 5 pm meeting might start thirty minutes or even an hour after the appointed time. Even for home-based projects, an hour’s work might be done in two hours or more. However, don’t be fooled. While informality abounds in many areas of life in Mexico, make sure you turn up on time for official appointments.

Mexicans know how to enjoy life

One good reason many foreign citizens choose a life in Mexico e is the slower pace which can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on your life preference. The simpler life is a great relief from the hurried life found in cities like those in the United States and Canada. Others, though, find the mellow atmosphere a bit low key, especially those who are accustomed to the rush of a city life. If you are after a relaxing and serene environment and society, Mexico is an ideal option. If not, try the big cities like Mexico City or Guadalajara.

Quality Time

With six days of work and only a day of rest, the work week in Mexico might come as a surprise if you are going to live in Mexico to work. That one day of rest is used primarily for rest and relaxation, and for spending quality time with family and friends. Work may seem to eat up most of the people’s time here but they certainly don’t prioritize work above other more important things and persons in life. The day off is spent with religious routines; going to picnics; visiting relatives; cooking, eating, and drinking; and with other quality time activities.

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