Choose Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

The real estate market in Cabo San Lucas has been reaching new heights during the last decade. Property prices have been on the rise and steadily offering opportunities for those who want to own a piece of land or property in one of Mexico’s prime vacation destinations. Options are diverse and will surely meet the standards of even the most discriminating tastes and preferences. Before jumping into the bandwagon of growing real estate owners, it’s important to know the ins and outs to consider in making that all important dream purchase in Cabo San Lucas.

How to Choose Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas

Does Cabo Suite your Lifestyle?

First things first. Does life in Cabo San Lucas fully appeal to you and your family? This might seem like an obvious question, but you should think about all the elements that you enjoy about your life and see if they concur with what you can expect in Cabo before investing in real estate. Do you love golf? Do you love the sunshine? Do you want to be able to go to the beach regularly? Do you love gourmet dining? These are just some of the ways that Cabo San Lucas might appeal to your lifestyle.

X Marks the Spot

The location of your potential property in Cabo San Lucas is perhaps the most essential thing to look for when planning to own any real estate property, and the different landscapes found in Cabo San Lucas give you wide choices when deciding which location is perfect for you. Location can greatly affect the property’s market price, the kind of view it gives and the distance to the amenities you desire. There are many worthy locations to choose from in Cabo San Lucas: there are high-end residential areas, beachfront villas, near downtown condos, desert terrain properties or even real estate on world-class golf course. What’s important in choosing a location is that it can provide you that sense of fulfillment and completeness once you start living your new life in Cabo San Lucas.


Cabo San Lucas is known for its tropical atmosphere and sweeping ocean horizons, and definitely having a splendid view isn’t hard to get when looking for real estate in Cabo San Lucas. Ocean views, desert vistas, golf course back yards and el Arco rock formation are just some of the spectacular views you can expect to choose from in Cabo.

What size property do you require?

A property that can accommodate you and your family is another factor to consider when buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be comfortable and enjoy a spacious property? So, size does matter. If you plan to have friends and family join you on your vacations, better opt for 2 to 3 bedroom villas; while if you can only afford something smaller, lookout for a hotel condo or apartment where you can easily rent places when your family and friends come to stay.


The kinds of amenities that are important to you will depend on the kind of hobbies and interests you enjoy, or the lifestyle you have. If you love going to bars at night, then a downtown property would suit you. If you love the beach, a villa fronting the sea will make you feel close to it day and night and so on. In many cases, condo-hotels or other types of complexes that offer a range of amenities like gyms, swimming pools and spas are a great choice when choosing real estate in Cabo San Lucas.

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