Choose a Home by the Sea

Why should you choose a home by the sea? There are many reasons that you should choose a home by the sea. Read just a several of the reasons provided below, then you won’t need convincing

Free Ocean Lullabies

There is nothing better than hearing the sounds of the waves. Wave sounds are soothing and they can alter the brain patterns, so you can have a restful night for sleeping. The sound of waves can reduce stress in your daily life, and especially during your lunch hour if you take your lunch at the sea.

Health Benefits

One of the reasons why you should choose a home by the sea would include the health benefits. Living by the sea, breathing salt air will not only lift your spirits, but will also provide spiritually, physically, and mentally stability. The sea air boosts oxygen absorption due to the negative ions. You will receive a dose of Vitamin D from the sun, which is beneficial for your health. Vitamin D boosts the immune system and reduces cancer risks. Vitamin D also increases endorphin levels and builds stronger bones. Can you see the health benefits just from living by the sea?

Affordable (And Free) Exercise

Throw away those costly gym memberships, because if you choose to live in a home by the sea, then you can enjoy exercise that is free. You can swim in the ocean, go paddle boarding, which is great for the body core, kayaking will work the arm strength, surfing works the entire body and spirit, or just make a sandcastle. Swimming in the ocean can burn more than two hundred calories in just an hour.


If you choose a home by the sea, then you can enjoy fresh seafood anytime of the year. There are oysters, mahi mahi, shrimp and fresh tuna year-round. You don’t have to go to the supermarket and hope the seafood is fresh or even fight crowds there, because when you choose a home by the sea you can visit a seafood stand that is near the sea and purchase fresh seafood year-round at a great price.


If you choose to live by the sea, then you can rent or purchase a boat that you can use in the sea. You can also go on fishing and adventure tours or charter a yacht, which is a great activity often done by snow birds. On the yacht you will have a private captain and happy deck mate that will cater to your needs all day and even clean up after you too.

Happy Pets and Happy Kids

If you choose a home by the sea and you have kids and pets, then you will be providing them with happiness. There are no leash laws in Mexico and pets who live by the sea can enjoy the sandy beaches and sea with freedom. Children also love living by the sea as they can go boogie boarding, shell searching, swim in the tidal pools, and so much more.

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