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Are you an expat living your best life in beautiful Mexico? Public transportation often meets the needs of many expats as most cities and towns provide decent public transportation. However, it’s understandable that some expats just prefer to have their own car. People used to import their car to Mexico from the United States or Canada, but this was a very costly and time-consuming process. Today, more people are purchasing a car in Mexico because there are more car dealerships available at affordable prices. Do you live in the Villa La Estancia in Cabo San Lucas and are interested in buying a car this year? If you are, then continue to read below to learn the essential car buying tips when living in Mexico.

Buying A Car in Mexico Tips – Mexico 2019

Tip 1: Compare Dealerships and Test Drive Cars

To start the buying a car in Mexico process, you should pick two or three car dealerships to focus on. Next, you can research the car dealerships to see which one meets your needs and preferences. Once you have narrowed down the car dealerships, you need to pick three cars, and then you need to test drive the cars to get a feel for how they drive. You will want to see which car dealership provide the most incentives as they often run special promotions that can save you money. You can finance a car in Mexico, but you should know that financing a car in Mexico comes with higher interest rates when compared to loans in the states or Canada. If you don’t have the money to pay cash, then you may want to wait until you can save the money. If you are purchasing the car with cash, the dealership will register the car for you. Most of the car dealerships will also handle the process of obtaining your state required license plates, which is not expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if you can choose the car you want to buy, then go to the dealership, pick it up, then hit the road?

Tip 2: Auto Insurance in Mexico

Thankfully, these days it isn’t expensive to buy a car in Mexico. However, gas prices are usually higher than in the United States and Canada. Individuals buying a car in Mexico should make sure they obtain adequate car insurance. You want to make sure you have the proper insurance to cover any unwanted accidents and damages that may occur. There are plenty of great auto insurance companies in Mexico, and some of the dealerships are able to help connect you with insurance companies they recommend. For individuals who want to save time, you can avoid unwanted stress if you arrange to have the dealership obtain the car insurance for you.

Tip 3: Car Registration Fees

Typically, the car dealer will register the car that you purchased at the dealership. If you purchase a car from an individual, then you will need to do the registering yourself. It isn’t difficult to do. You will need to go to your local car registration office, then bring these important documents with you: Current Passport, Resident Visa, proof of address (a bill), deed, and the clave Unica de Registro de población (CURP). To obtain your CURP, you just need to go to your local immigration office to sign up for your CURP number, and there is no fee for the CURP. Car Registration fees are normally less than $1000 ($2000 pesos), and each January the annual renewal fees are approximately $600 pesos which are very inexpensive.

Tip 4: Driver’s License

Valid driver’s licenses from other countries are accepted legally in Mexico, but if you are going to buy a car, then it is recommended that you should get your Mexican driver’s license, too. To obtain your driver’s license in Mexico, you will need to go to the government office that deals with driver’s licenses, and you will need to bring your Passport, Visa, birth certificate, and an electricity bill or water bill which shows your legal address. You may also have to take a written test or driving test, and you will have to pass these tests. The fee for a driver’s license is usually only around $500 pesos ($30USD).

For Villa La Estancia homeowners in Cabo San Lucas, buying your own car can make trips to the store and the convenience of getting around that much easier. You have just read the top 4 car buying tips for Mexico 2019. Are you ready to buy a car?

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