3BR Penthouse - Villa La Estancia Residences

In Banderas Bay, there are some truly gorgeous pieces of real estate, for both full and fractional deeded property. Anyone who wishes to own luxury property in Banderas Bay, Mexico can acquire full or fractional share in the area at great prices. This makes it so that you do not have to be concerned about a reservation when it comes to staying in Banderas Bay – you already will own a little piece of paradise all of your own. You can either own for just a couple of months per year or the entire property, meaning that you can rent, sell, live in and enjoy your property as you wish.

Fractional Deeded Property in Banderas Bay

People tend to get a little confused about the matter of fractional deeded ownership, thinking that it is the same as timeshare or residence clubs. While there are many similarities between timeshare and fractional deeded property ownership, the main differences is the length of time and the fact that you are making a long term bricks and mortar investment when you purchase fractional deeded property.

Both timeshare and fractional ownership have the benefits. With a fractional asset of a property, you hold possession of a deed, which is usually between one month and a half a year, depending on the fractional program. Timeshare generally works on a weekly system or the allocation of points and tends to have membership periods which can be between 25 and 30 years, whereas in deeded fractional purchases, the property is yours forever.

3BR Penthouse - Villa La Estancia Residences
Source: Villa La Estancia Residences.

Consider if Villa La Estancia Residences in Banderas Bay is the right investment for you

Villa La Estancia Residences are located on a luxury resort with the same name in Banderas Bay. Ownership at the resort allows you to enjoy all the benefits associated with renting a luxury home as well as all the benefits of owning it without any of the hassles! The main difference with holding a fractional or full deed is that you will not pay anything to a landlord. You also have the choice to rent or sell the property, donate it at any point, or you can have it written into your will to leave to someone. This type of investment is one that appreciates throughout time.


Every single one has interiors that are roomy, comfortable, and they also are quite sophisticated…


Beautiful Full and Fractional Real Estate Options

Villa La Estancia Residences are stunning luxury real estate properties that are for sale in the Banderas Bay area. You will find that there are both 2 and 3 bedroom condos, as well as penthouses from which you can make a selection. You can see the gorgeous ocean when you look out from these properties. Every single one has interiors that are roomy, comfortable, and they also are quite sophisticated. You can take full advantage of using the facilities at the five star / 4 Diamond resort.

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