Banderas Bay Real Estate Trends for 2018

It doesn’t take a real estate expert to notice when an area is doing well, and Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, and Banderas Bay are doing very well right now. The Banderas Bay real estate market is buoyant in these areas at the moment, and as a result, prices are on the rise.

Banderas Bay Real Estate

The construction industries in Banderas Bay are also strong, and as such building in the Romantic Zone, near Los Muertos Beach, and in Nuevo Vallarta has increased dramatically. It’s very clear that they are capitalizing on this boom; real estate publications, too are increasing in order to keep up with demand for Banderas Bay Real Estate.

Prices beginning to rise for Banderas Bay Real Estate

Those looking for a good investment should think about moving quickly; the AMPI (the official real estate association for Banderas Bay) released statistics which indicated that the price of properties is appreciating. In fact, closing prices have grown by 4% since last year!

This is great news for home-owners, but a real wake up call for those looking to invest in Banderas Bay real estate.

Banderas Bay real estate is trending again

It should really be no surprise that Banderas Bay is trending as a destination for American and Canadian ex-pats looking for Mexican real estate. The city has much to offer to ex-pats; it’s just three to five hours from home for most Americans and Canadian, and there are strong ex-pat communities here already.

Furthermore, this is a beach-front area with a good record in terms of safety and (low) crime rates. The weather, too, is generally balmy, warm, and dry unless it’s the rainy season. Plus, there are great amenities in the area; golfing, watersports, nature hike, fishing, sailing, art, and theatre are all within easy reach.

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