Advice for Decorating a Tropical Home

If you are a first time home buyer in Puerto Vallarta, then you don’t want to make the same mistakes that first time home buyers do here when they are decorating their home. Many of our first home buyers come from climates that are cold and dry, but Puerto Vallarta doesn’t have that type of climate. Our climate has a rainy season that starts in the second week of June, then continues through October. Though it is rainy, it is also very humid, which is why first time home buyers have to have maintenance carried out frequently. With the following advice for decorating a tropical home, you should be able to limit the maintenance time with some easy tips.

The population is thriving in Puerto Vallarta, because tourists, baby boomers, and vacationers are buying second homes here, and this has increased home furnishings needs, so many of the big furniture stores in Guadalajara have opened additional stores just to fill the orders and to serve the people in Bay of Banderas. The stores offer a variety of styles and décor. If you are a first time home buyer, then here are a few tips to help you decorate your newly purchased home, and to save money while doing it.

    Advice for Decorating a Tropical Home

  1. Hire an Interior Decorator: To hire an interior decorator you should interview several decorators, check their background, compare their compensation, and make sure they have a professional attitude. You should remember that having a great working relationship with your interior decorator is like your marriage: chemistry is essential. Interior decorators are used to having their references and background checked, and they expect this. While you are comparing prices, you can negotiate your interior decorators price, and let them know you will not want them to go over your budget, under no conditions! You will find there are many professional interior decorators to choose from here, and when you are ready for furnishings, you will have plenty to pick from. There are many online furniture stores that allow you to purchase items online, then have the items delivered and set up scheduled. Decorating a tropical home becomes so much easier with the help of an interior decorator.
  2. Shop Yourself: If you can arrange the time, then do the shopping yourself. Try to take a week to do the shopping yourself in Puerto Vallarta. There are so many home and furnishing stores to select, or you can enjoy the scenic ride to Guadalajara where you will be amazed at the options of décor stores to pick from. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, then Tonala is a bigger city with more choices, and you can purchase directly from the maker there.
  3. Vacation Rentals: If you plan on putting your property up for rental, then you better take caution. Decorating a tropical home for rent is different from adorning a home that you will be looking after and cherishing. This is where you will depend on the expertise of an interior decorator, because the interior decorator will have to know what type of furnishings, drapes, upholstery, and linens to purchase that are less expensive, durable and neutral. These items will have to be able to handle a lot of traffic, sunlight, and children. They also have to uphold to sea water, sand, and the damp, humid weather here in Puerto Vallarta. Many homeowners choose to have separate linens from the rental property, which is quite common.
  4. Corrosion of Metal: Another key point to consider when decorating a tropical home, is the corrosion of certain materials. When you are furnishing your property, then you want to avoid any metal on furniture or curtains, because metal will tend to develop corrosion. As a preventative maintenance you should always have a can or two of WD40.
  5. Wood Usage: Many properties here use tropical wood. It looks beautiful and everyone loves the look, but you have to remember that termites love wood too, so you will have to have regular fumigation to protect your wood from termites. There are some local woods like parota which seem to be immune to termites, so check carefully with your supplier.
  6. Modern Plastic Furniture: Modern plastic furniture is often used in skyscraper units. It looks wonderful, but it has to stay out of the direct sun, because it will fade, disintegrate, then start smelling.
  7. Less is Always Best: And finally, this piece of advice is not limited to decorating a tropical home. When you hear less is always best, then this is a good thing to remember when you are furnishing your new property. You don’t have to furnish your property all at once. You should pick up a piece here and there, and you will see by doing this you will find amazing pieces.

When you start to make friends, then you can ask for decoration ideas, and when you visit their homes, then get inspired by their décor.

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