Puerto Vallarta is Safe

While the safety of Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s top beach destinations, has never been met with any doubt, it comes as a great compliment to the city that two recent surveys confirm that Puerto Vallarta is safe. Both the National Public Urban Security SurveyRead More →

Mexico is One of the Happiest Countries

Mexico is more than just beautiful beaches, delicious foods, and adventure, it is also classified as one of the happiest countries in the world! Therefore, it is not surprising that Mexico has become one of the most popular countries for retiring worldwide. The outdoors adventures,Read More →

Life in Mexico

Want to know about life in Mexico? There are many good reasons why you should move to this amazing country. Aside from the culture shock you might experience, living and thinking like a local Mexican will give you a unique experience for sure. Here areRead More →

Living Affordably in Mexico

The most common reason that foreign residents move to Mexico is because they are attracted to the idea of living affordably in Mexico and living a simple life. Once foreign residents move to Mexico they quickly discover that their ‘previous life’ was full of stressRead More →