Looking for a different and interesting activity in Puerto Vallarta that gets you out of the sun for a few hours? The fascinating Naval Museum and Naval Historical Center is located right next to Los Arcos on the famous Malecon boardwalk and has been around since 2006. The Maritime Museum aims to exhibit and preserve Mexico’s rich culture and history, and has devoted itself to educating visitors on the wide-reaching positive effects of Mexico’s Navy on this country. The colonial-style building was ground base for the Port Authority office, the local Navy Headquarters, and the Navy Hospital prior to becoming the Naval Museum. Villa La Estancia residents and visitors in beautiful Puerto Vallarta should make sure to visit the Maritime Museum for a day of history and intrigue they won’t soon forget.

Mexico’s Naval Past

The Naval museum goes back to pre-hispanic times when Mexico’s maritime history began so you can learn all about Puerto Vallarta’s rich history as a port city. Top exhibits include the city’s former encounters with Chinese Nao ships and highlights include important history on the port’s trade with other ports, documented sea journeys, and an account on how the bay was defended during wartime. Five exhibition rooms inside the museum display amazing artifacts as well as a permanent collection of maps, photos, paintings, and documents. Obtain a deeper understanding of how Mexico’s naval history has evolved through time. There are even displays of retired naval uniforms used by sailors over the years that are a sight to see.

Audio Visual Exhibits

The museum’s audio-visual exhibitions and a special five-screen navigation simulator will let you experience sailor life in person. It’s an exciting way to experience what it feels like to maneuver a large ship across the seas for yourself. Explore the detailed scale models of old and modern vessels, and don’t miss the displays of forts and topographic layouts of Mexico’s prominent ports. The navigation instruments and charts on display will interest and inspire the sailor in children and adults alike.

Notable Historical Events

A very important historical event in Mexican Naval history occurred on April 21, 1914, when a group of young men defended the port of Veracruz against the naval school. This occurred during the second North American Intervention, and you will also learn how sailors kept themselves entertained while at sea. They cheekily placed mysterious, mythological creatures within navigation charts in hopes of giving their fellow sailors a scare. I’m sure it kept everyone on their toes!

Hours of Operation

Ready to check Puerto Vallarta’s Naval Museum out for yourself? Entrance fees are well priced at only 45 pesos for general admission and 30 pesos for children, students, teachers, and senior citizens. Persons with disabilities and children under 6 years old enter for free. The museum is open year round from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Puerto Vallarta residents including Villa La Estancia homeowners in Riviera Nayarit should take some time to enjoy the nautical and historical delights at the PV Naval Museum. You won’t be disappointed!

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