Follow the Birds when Choosing a Second Home

Mexico: Follow the Birds when Choosing a Second Home

Are you considering Mexico as your second home? You are not alone. Over 350 species of migratory birds spend some of their time in Mexico according to an article at The primary reason for their migration is mating and food supplies, which is most probably quite different from your motivation for choosing a second home in Mexico, although the food is fabulous! Climate is a key player too, and many people who relocate to Mexico do so to enjoy the sunshine.

Read on to find out more about Mexico’s migratory birds.

Birds that choose Mexico as their second home

Mexico is the second home to over 350 types of birds who arrive to enjoy the warmer climate available in Mexico year round. Most of the migratory birds fly south from various parts of Canada and the United States, while others move north for cooler climates.

Birds are Part of Mexico’s Heritage

Since pre-Hispanic times, Mexico has shown a deep relationship with birds: songs, stories, and art play homage to birds in various ways. Just take a look at the Mexican national flag; the eagle sat on a nopal cactus while eating a serpent is a dramatic image.

Four types of migratory birds in Mexico

The article at also mentioned four general types of migratory birds that make Mexico their second home: snowbirds (winter residents), summer residents, those in transit, and migrants that join resident populations.

Winter Residents

People who chose to live in Mexico during the winter months are referred to as snowbirds, comparing them to the thousands of migratory birds that swarm to Mexico in winter. There are around 200 bird species that make Mexico their second home in winter, of which the golden-cheeked warbler of Texas is a good example.

Summer Birds

Winter is not the only time that Mexico receives migrant birds. There are around 30 species of birds that spend summer in Mexico. Although less common than snowbirds, these birds go further south in winter. The lucifer hummingbird is one great example of this type.

Birds constantly on the move

Another 35 species of migratory birds use Mexico as a transitory country, never really stopping. Examples of these types of birds are those that mate in northern Mexico but head to Central and South America afterwards. Some also spend their breeding season in Northern Canada and Alaska, only passing through Mexico to spend the colder winter months in South America. The pectoral sandpiper (Calidris melanotos) is an example of this.

Birds Joining Year-Round Residents

Of the migratory bird types, there are about 140 species which migrate to Mexico to join residents which spend the whole year in the country.

Mexico’s commitment to Bird Migration

When it comes to migratory birds, Mexico is one of the most important countries in the world as it serves as a passageway for birds to reach Central and South America. Therefore, there is a need for Mexico to continue protecting its forests and popular bird migration sites.

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