Marina Cabo San Lucas

There are so many exciting sights to see and fun activities to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas has a special desert landscape, clear Sea of Cortez waters, and white sandy beaches. Cabo San Lucas happens to be one of the most popular and sought out vacation destinations in all of Mexico. Cabo has many amazing places and features, but the Marina is a place that every person should visit. The Marina in Cabo is an exceptional development that has a wide boardwalk that is ideal for strolling. Visitors and local residents can enjoy dining, drinking, and shopping all in one location. This landmark shouldn’t be missed while you are in Cabo San Lucas.  Read below if you want to learn more information about the Cabo Marina, and insider tips on prime Cabo real estate available at Villa La Estancia.

Modest Origins
Approximately forty years ago, the Cabo Marina was just a small, quaint, and quiet place where the old cannery and some charter fishing boats were located. The area started developing and slowly it became the amazing marina that it is today. Now, there are numerous places to dine, boutiques for shopping, and endless bars to enjoy a sunset cocktail. There isn’t a better spot to watch the sunset or people watch than at the Cabo Marina. The Cabo Marina Golden Zone is the area where travelers on cruise ships stop to partake in shopping, and if you would like to watch plays, dance performances, and cultural events, then you can do that at the Cultural Pavilion as well.

Cabo Marina – Contemporary and Modern
The Cabo Marina today is a contemporary and modern marina where visitors can also enjoy numerous water activities. One of the top water activities is called Cabo Dolphins, and visitors can enjoy swimming with the dolphins nearby. Visitors who want even more adventure and adrenaline can go to a tour company called the Cabo Expeditions, which is located at the marina. This tour company offers parasailing, watching whales, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and a new hybrid of snorkeling and scuba called snuba tours. There is something for every outdoor adventurer at the Cabo Marina.

Delicious Foods and Drinks
At the Cabo Marina, the main food choice is fresh seafood. Most of the Cabo Marina’s restaurants feature freshly caught seafood, and some of the restaurants even allow you to bring in your catch, and they will prepare it for you. If you are craving lobster, then you should go to Lorenzillo or Baja Lobster. These are the two top lobster restaurants in the marina, but Solomon’s Landing and Captain Tony’s are two popular seafood restaurants that attract a lot of rave reviews as well. The Cabo Marina has a variety of bars and lounges. You can relax and drink a delicious cocktail while you look out over the marina. The Nowhere Bar has ladies night specials each week, and the Barometro is a relaxed lounge with some local flair. If you are wanting to experience fine dining with a large wine selection, then you should head to Senor Sweets.

Cabo Marina Shopping
You can spend lots of money on designer clothes and specialty items in the Marina Golden Zone. This stretch of boardwalk has numerous designer stores and boutiques. The Puerto Paraiso Mall and the Luxury Avenue are next to the Marina Golden Zone, and you can even purchase Cartier and Fendi designer items there. A landmark that many visitors look for is the distinctive tower, and the Cabo Marina center is known as Puerto Paraiso.

Luxury Beachfront Living in Cabo

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If you are going to be in Cabo San Lucas in the future, you will want to make sure you head to the Marina in Cabo.  Today, the Cabo Marina is known for world-class shopping, fine dining, and plenty of water activities and adventures. Interested in investing in the area? Schedule a visit to Villa La Estancia Cabo to see what luxury living in Cabo is all about. What more could you ask for?

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