Villa La Estancia Real Estate Nuevo Vallarta

Have you been thinking about buying a vacation home in Mexico for you and your family? Are you tired of not spending enough quality time with your family? Purchasing a vacation home in Mexico could come with a high price and responsibilities, but did you know that fractional ownership allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a vacation home, but without all the responsibilities? For example, Villa La Estancia which has high end beachfront residences in Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas offers fractional ownership real estate for sale where you can use the vacation home several times each year. Fractional ownership real estate at Villa La Estancia is usually split up into fractions of thirteen weeks or six weeks every year so you have plenty of time to enjoy your vacation. Want to learn more about fractional ownership opportunities for a dream vacation home in Mexico? If so, then read below.

What is Villa La Estancia?

Many people ask what is Villa La Estancia, as some people mistakenly believe it is a timeshare property. However, Villa La Estancia is not a timeshare property, but a high-end real estate development with spacious beachfront residences. Homeowners who purchase full or fractional ownership at Villa La Estancia will have a real estate title for their beachfront residence villa. Owners will benefit as the property appreciates in value, and have the option to sell their fraction at any time.

Scheduling Vacations at Villa La Estancia

Are you worried that you won’t be able to schedule your vacation at Villa La Estancia if you purchase fractional ownership as opposed to full ownership? You don’t need to worry, because each fractional owner with Villa La Estancia will receive the schedule once they have purchased the fractional ownership property. The schedule allows owners to effectively plan for future vacations at Villa La Estancia. This gives owners the ability to use the property without any hassles or delays. As a fractional owner, you can use and enjoy your property during your scheduled vacation time.

Exclusive Unit Usage

During your allotted time, fractional owners will have their own unit. You are able to come to the property anytime that you want during your allotted schedule. When you arrive at the property, you can expect that your personal unit will be absolutely perfect. The house cleaning staff at Villa La Estancia are professionals and dedicated to keeping your property clean and tidy all year long. During your vacation scheduled weeks, fractional owners can come and go to the property at any time.

Who Is a Perfect Person to Purchase a Fractional Ownership?

Villa La Estancia fractional ownership is perfect for people who want the same perks as full ownership, but without the added expense. Villa La Estancia’s fractional ownership also includes management service on the property so that each vacation will be stress-free. Also, the property is situated in an ideal location in both Riviera Nayarit and Cabo San Lucas. If you become a fractional owner at Villa La Estancia, you will appreciate having an upscale property for your vacations, but you won’t have to worry about the maintenance responsibilities and the added costs that come with full ownership.

Can I Bring Guests?

Many people ask if they are able to bring guests, and the answer is yes. You can let your friends and family use your unit, and they will get to enjoy all the amazing amenities and services that you love so much, too. You can let your family and friends use your unit during your scheduled time if you are unable to use it. However, all guests will have to follow the properties rules and regulations which are also known as the CC&Rs, Bylaws and Rules, and Regulations.
Now that you know Villa La Estancia fractional ownership facts, are you ready to invest in a vacation home in Mexico? You too can own a piece of Mexican paradise when you invest in a fractional ownership private residence at Villa La Estancia.

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