Expat Tips: Mexico 2020 Update

Are you an ex-pat that is moving to Mexico? If you are, then you probably are captivated by Mexico’s rich culture, friendly people, and perfect year-round climate. Although, Mexico has so much more to offer than tasty foods and beautiful beaches. Are you a new ex-pat in Mexico, or hope to be one day soon? In order to live your best life in Mexico, you will need to adapt and blend into the community and their culture. Are you moving to Mexico? If so, then continue to read below to learn the top 5 expat tips. 

Top 5 Expat Tips: Mexico 2020 Update

Tip 1. Adapt and Adjust

When you are moving to Mexico or any other country for that matter, you will be faced with a set of new challenges and obstacles that many ex-pats will face. The best thing that you should do when you are faced with challenges is to adapt by adjusting your life and your expectations. Try to have an open mind about the way other people are living their lives. For example, the locals in Mexico sometimes may appear to invade people’s personal space when compared to what you are used to in your home country. However, don’t be offended as this is simply part of the friendly and laid back culture. Instead, you should try to understand and accept it. You may be uncomfortable when someone is standing too close to you, but the locals in Mexico do this. You shouldn’t ever be rude when this happens. You also need to be prepared to hug and kiss on the cheek new and familiar people as that is how locals greet each other in public and private settings.  

Tip 2. Be Nice and Friendly

If you want your new life in Mexico to be the best, then you should always be nice and friendly to everyone! It is very rude, annoying, and not attractive when an ex-pat is being loud and trying to force their beliefs on native Mexicans. Local Mexicans are typically very nice and friendly to foreigners, so you should be, too. When you are out in public, you should greet everyone. Get to know the people that you live around, and it is recommended that you learn Spanish, even though some ex-pats choose not to. When you can speak Spanish, your new life in Mexico will be even more fulfilling. There are affordable Spanish learning classes, in every Mexico’s city. The first Spanish word you should learn is “Usted”, which is actually a formal way to address someone. 

Tip 3. Carry Cash To Tip

Many people in Mexico actually make their living by selling fruits and veggies that they have grown, washing cars windshields at stoplights, and selling their handmade goods on the beach. Sharing goes a very long way, so you should be grateful for what you have been blessed with. You should carry cash so you can tip people who are trying to make a living for their family. For example, the bagger at the supermarket often doesn’t receive a regular paycheck as their earnings come from tips, so you should tip them after they have bagged your groceries. In addition, you should tip those who help you put your bags into the car, and to someone who takes your cart back. Spread the love by tipping those who have provided you a service. A little goes a long way to giving back and creating a wonderful new life for ex-pats moving to Mexico. 

Tip 4. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

It is very annoying when Americans draw excessive attention to themselves by talking very loudly. Remember, you are actually a guest in Mexico, and you should show respect by keeping your voice down when you are talking with other people. Also, it is disrespectful if you make fun of others who are unable to speak English. You are a visitor to Mexico, so you should try to learn Spanish so you can speak to everyone. It is simply good common sense and respectful to treat others as you want to be treated. 

Tip 5. Public Restrooms are Different in Mexico

Don’t be surprised if you go to use the restroom at a restaurant or bar when you don’t see toilet paper or hand soap as many places don’t provide them. You can carry toilet paper and soap with you to avoid any sanitary problems. Most of the businesses and houses in Mexico don’t have air conditioning either, so don’t be surprised when you go into a business and it is just as hot inside as it is on the outside. With a little preparation, this is a small issue that won’t bother you in time when compared to all the wonderful parts of the country that make moving to Mexico a dream for many ex-pats.

You have just read the top 5 ex-pat tips in Mexico. It is better to go with the flow when moving to Mexico. Try to take and use any advice the locals give you. Are you an ex-pat moving to Mexico soon? If so, enjoy every moment and appreciate your wonderful new life in Mexico.

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