Brexit and Mexico

As the UK wakes up to the reality of Brexit and the future of the EU at stake, thoughts of throwing it all in and leaving the European island might spring to mind. How about Mexico for your protest vote?

Forget Brexit and Live in Mexico

Just over 48% of the British public are surely disappointed with the recent Brexit vote to leave the European Union, so why not save yourself the pain and stress of surviving out the divorce process as Britain leaves the EU on a beach in Mexico. The term “jumping a sinking ship” may have resonance for many unwilling Brexiters but the world is large and living in the UK or Europe is not the only choice for those of the British public who have been left unsatisfied, shocked and pessimistic by the Brexit result.

Brits in Mexico

Believe it or not there is a sizeable British community that live in Mexico, particularly in the coastal regions like Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California and Cancun, Quintana Roo, as well as picturesque destinations such as San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Tepoztlán, Morelos. Life in Mexico has a lot to offer both retirees and families looking for a change and an escape from the rat race; and now with Brexit, there is more and more reasons to leave the rainy island in search of year-round sunshine.

Spend Sterling Pounds in Mexico

With the uncertainty of the pound following Brexit, you might find that vacations to Europe will be more expensive with the strength of the Euro until the economy recovers from its recent shock of the Brexit result. Spending pesos in Mexico can be the solution, as you can still get more for your money on vacation and living costs.

Homes and Real Estate in Mexico

Reluctant Brexiters may see life as they know it back in the UK as a rocky future, so why not invest in a change that will really rock your world in a good way. Real estate in Mexico is a great investment and a total change from the old world in Europe. Imagine living by the beach, in a climate that is warm enough for barbecues every day of the year, drinking cocktails on your balcony overlooking the sea.

Brexit could be the push you needed to exit your old life and embrace a new future in a totally different continent.

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