Vallarta Real Estate

All you need to know about Vallarta real estate can be gained at the fourth annual Vallarta Real Estate Fair 2016 located in the Zona Romantica at the Riviera Molino Plaza. The annual event will be conducted on Saturday, February 20th starting at nine in the morning and running until two in the afternoon. If you are wanting to purchase a home, sell a home, or maybe invest in a property in Mexico, then you need to attend the Vallarta Real Estate Fair 2016 in Mexico, because there will be professionals there to provide you with key information about property ownership in this country.

Vallarta Real Estate

The focal point of the Vallarta Real Estate Fair will be the professional panel discussion with members from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They will discuss a large range of topics, which include buying and closing on properties, and cross-border taxation. There you will be provided guidance on loans, insurance, legality, loans, escrows, and the banking in Mexico, but that isn’t all that will be discussed at the fair as there will be experts in lifestyle talking about design, health, and wellness.

Panel of Real Estate Professionals

The Panel of Professionals are the highlight of the Vallarta Real Estate Fair for 2016. These experts will provide valuable advice and tips on investing and property ownership in Mexico.The panel of professionals with representatives from Mexico, Canada and the United States will give advice and tips on various topics related to real estate in Mexico and in particular how the taxation system works on rentals and capital gains. Carl Timothy from the Timothy Real Estate Group will open the Fair with a special presentation of 2015’s market results and what he sees as the potential for 2016. Jessica Riedesser, a well-known real estate attorney will then explain about the closing costs involved with purchasing and selling property in Mexico.

The Vallarta Real Estate Fair 2016 is an annual event that will be held this year on Saturday February 20th starting at 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM at the Riviera Molino Plaza, which is located in Old Town Vallarta/Romantic Zone.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity as there will be more than 20 exhibitors available.

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